Free Shipping

Last week I stated few remarks on how to get started online buying as a starter.If you have read my article this will be a bonus to those of you whom are serious about saving money.Lets get start;If you have just loged in into a ecommerce website such as amazon or ebay it will land you into a product page and you do the product selection of your choice after going through each and everyone one of them.

Having choosing the selected product it takes you direct to payment page which requires you to enter you banking details such as your debit/credit,visa or paypal.

This is where you got to find out if the product you pay will arrive at the destination you want,whether at home,office or school.Please read the product descriptions,Example below is a product ready to be shippped anywhere in the world and is labelled free shipping by ebay. If you click the link below will take you straight to ebay landing page and showing the features as below.



Free shipping

That is exactly it.Your money will never be lost or stolen or anything you might think of.These are the world’s giant shopping malls that exist these days not on our visual eyes but on electronic and technological pathway have millions of reputable companies coming together to do business everyday even when we are sleeping.

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