e-Commerce sites (Where and how to buy on e-commerce site)


 Where and how to buy on e-commerce sites (Amazon and eBay) Introduction

Well it has been a long time, isn’t it?…And to begin with here is a bit of reminder to all followers-viewers-friends plus more.From now on all my blog posts will be linking from a new page which won’t have full Fb postings to save costs so stay tuned in.

Well to begin with,last time I ended a post on trusted e-commerce sites which I mentioned if you had followed was the amazon and eBay.But there are also so many performing e-commerce sites out there.

To name a few,here are the top 10 performing e-commerce sites around the world ranked according to their current world placings.

1. Amazon 2. eBay 3.Walmart  4.Alibaba.com 5. Flipkart  6. Target 7.Best buy

8.JD.com  9.Etsy 10. Asos-Overstock-Mr Porter-Zappos-Rakuten- Newegg and more sites in Europe not listed here.

But Amazon and eBay always hold a first and second ranking respectively over the years because their services are more international and are recognized all around the world.Therefore, majority of the world’s population do their buying and selling on Amazon and eBay.Unless you wish to go online right away and want to go directly into China visiting sites like = Alibaba and JD.com or visiting Japanese site = Rakuten or Indian site =Flipkart etc..that is really cool if you know or have researched the market or at least you know whom you are dealing with.

First thing first:buy product that are going cheaper if you are just starting to go online to learn the process and being smart- to avoid getting into trouble.


eBay front page

Fig 1.1.This is how eBay’s landing page look like when you go online.


There are also YouTube programs and videos on how to purchase items on these(Amazon and eBay) sites including Delivery instructions-First time payment and order-How to search for product you like-How to deal with online wholesalers and retailers-Check for item if it is to be shipped to your address or country-Product warranty-refund or return-Trusted wholesalers and manufacturers and the list goes on.(stay tune in more coming up next).You can also email me directly on my website by clicking the flashing sign up button or use the form below.Click below to check out amazon and eBay live or Alibaba.



2.  eBay

3.  Alibaba.com






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