What is a Domain or a Domain name?

What is a domain?Why is it hard for an entrepreneur or small business lack of tech skills hold back more progressive marketing campaign in digital age? What is a domain or a domain name ?Simple definition ‘a domain name is a reserved name for your business website address or blog which can be access through […]

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New & Old School Marketing

  Well,everyone these days loves iphones and smart phone contents that are creative,fun,entertaining and shareable to friends and mates.Always busy busy on the iphones and stuff. Old school marketing ways seems to be fading and may no longer be needed in the coming years.Firms and business houses whom are coping with the trend in digital […]

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When You Go Shopping Online

Last time we talked about different ecommerce sites whom are performing online services and their rankings around the world.And as said,majority of the people around the world do their shopping on Amazon and eBay.I my self do my online retailing,drop-shipping and affiliate marketing on these sites.The more you get into it,the better in ROI (Return […]

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The Hiri Moale Feastival- PNG

Hiri is the name for the traditional trade voyages that formed an important part of the culture of the Motu people of Papua New Guinea. Origins The Motu live in a comparative rain shadow – the dry season is unusually harsh, and there are not enough suitable areas for the growing of sago (rabia). On […]

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e-commerce Sites

Where and how to buy on e-commerce sites (Amazon and eBay) Introduction Well it has been a long time, isn’t it?…And to begin with here is a bit of reminder to all followers-viewers-friends plus more.From now on all my blog posts will be linking from a new page which won’t have full Fb postings to […]

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Asaro Mudmen

“You wouldn’t mind if they kept running to you in the thick jungle…would you?Watch out for they are coming tonight to hunt you in your dreams!!!The Asaro mud man says the tips of their arrow carrys a poison so its all up to you to seek forgiveness before the nightmares at http://www.salestopng.com .” The Asaro […]

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Raggiana bird-of-paradise

The Raggiana bird-of-paradise, (Paradisaea raggiana) also known as Count Raggi’s bird-of-paradise, is a large bird in the bird-of-paradise family Paradisaeidae. It is distributed widely in southern and northeastern New Guinea, where its name is kumul. It is also known as cenderawasih. As requested by Count Luigi Maria D’Albertis, the epithet raggiana commemorates the Marquis Francis […]

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