Did you know? Managing a social media channel is a bit like running your own TV network. On each channel you can produce a content series with new “weekly episodes” , and commercial breaks to sell your products, Inspiration quotes, Education, Contests and giveaways, Funny jokes, Community events and much more. This will help entertain your social media audiences and increase follower ratio.

Some ideas about content mix that you can develop:

Anything Funny is Cool -Being funny can go long way in getting your audience to engage with what you post. If humor lends itself well to your brand, then by all means make room in your social media marketing for content that elicits a laugh. If a joke is a hit, then you can consider paying to promote it to reach a larger audience (few things spread better on the internet than laughter)

News: Information about what’s happening in your industry or posts that are based on what’s trending at the moment.
Inspiration: Motivation to use your products or pursue a certain lifestyle, such as quote graphics or photos from around the world.

Education: Share fun stats, tutorials, and facts or how-to posts from your blog or YouTube channel.
Product/promotional posts: High quality product shots of your products being used, demo videos, testimonials, or feature explanations can help you achieve your ultimate goal of getting sales. You can often run these as ads after you create them.
Contests and giveaways: A contest or free download in exchange for an email is a great way to promote something of value to both you and your audience other than your products.
Customer/influencer features: Shots or videos featuring your customers or the people they follow.
Community events: Share meetups, fundraisers, or learning opportunities, especially if you’re a local business.
Behind-the-scenes: Share how your product is made or what you’re doing to grow your business to offer some transparency that your audience can relate to. Giving your audience a look into the humans behind your business can go a long a way to create trust or build your personal brand as a founder.

Schedule your posts: when, where, and how often to post

When you’re starting out, you might not have the time or money to produce high quality content that is customized for each social media channel. Start small with a few ideas to experiment with. As long as you maintain a regular schedule and keep an eye on how your posts are performing, you can adapt your content mix over time.

Having content ready in the pipeline of your social media calendar, then time to schedule your posts. For example, you might share a quote graphic every Tuesday and feature a customer testimonial every Wednesday. These pieces can keep your social media calendar full while you build out more elaborate assets, such as a promotional video or a blog post.

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