If you hadn’t had a chance of buying online then today’s your best bet seeing this blog post. There are many valuables out there online and the problem is how do we obtain one by buying. It is usually a difficult choice at first when in fact it’s been proven many times easier for millions of people who are enjoying online services.

As the saying goes, learn the art of it to unlock opportunities that are hidden. The truth is, you have to start now by learning and doing simple things first; and also, it is a very best way of saving money and resources for other purposes too. Here’s how.


First thing first. Always buy product that are going cheaper online if you are thinking about it or deciding to have a go. Let’s say a $3.00 e-book about ” How to shop on line safely ”  below. If you click the image it will take you into a page – Amazon. Imagine if it was at a shop nearby. Would have costed more, I guess. Now here’s the magic. You buy cheaper items to build your confidence by way of using your credit card, PayPal, debit or master card.

But as for the first timer avoiding credit details safe and secure is all you have in mind. For those reasons you will need to register for a PayPal account either online aided by someone with experience or by asking your local bank in creating one. In that way you can be able to transfer the amount you want into PayPal account to pay for the item of your choice  instead of directly linking your credit or bank account details with funds in it. That is how you can manage and control your account and balances even when it is automated.



Automated services applies only to the kind of services i.e. TV programs or services you agree to pay online usually on a plan while one off payments or one time purchases are those that you buy on a fixed price and are delivered instantly (too much of old school story telling). This is it, you as a beginner can start this way before concentrating on bigger and more valuable items. Learning the process of knowing how it works to purchase expensive items cheaper or to start bulk purchasing starts with this basic principal. As said, buying small things of value to test or upskill your online purchasing is a great way to start because we are already living in the digital age. Read more ⇒ How to Shop Online Safely.


Leaning  The Process

Protect your privacy and use the internet safely!
Don’t let news about internet risks deter you from taking full advantage of its benefits! The web is such an amazing and useful resource for connecting with friends and family, shopping, banking, catching up on current events, and getting help in a myriad of way. Read more



If you are willing to shop online, it safer to shop on websites with built in security with the locked sign on. e.g.

  • where there’s a url begining with Lock sign ⇒ is safe and secure. 
  • but those without lock sign (?) ⇒ is unsafe websites


If you look closely on this blog: right about you will see my url with locked sign that reads : is an example of secure and safe website in the internet. You credit card and bank details are well protected from hackers and frauds because we pay for security fees to keep it running. It is running in the process know as secure socket layer. It is a security protocol that binds the server with encryption for online communition developed in 1994 by Netscape. Therefore we pay for security to protect our followers as well as clients. Therefore look closely for those signs before buying online products.


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