Google photo is one of the google applications (apps) that comes in handy with other famous google applications like YouTube, email services (gmail), google drive, blogger, google photos (you are reading it right now), google analytics, google search console, G suit and a lot more. All of these applications are provided by google for free for anyone to use directly from your Gmail dashboard in your computer.
In order to access those applications, first you need to register with google. In fact the most common process people start easily are by registering a Gmail account within Google services and the rest comes in as stated.These are the basic part of google’s vital applicable tools that can create massive impact when applied correctly in today’s online marketing world.

Creating animation (gif images)

Yes, you can create animation gif with google especially if you are looking for variety of photos to bundle them up into single animation file or Gif images to capture a beautiful landing page images for ads, list of product to promote or for other purposes too.

Here’s my sample:

When you have completed registering your gmail account, you will have noticed that right on the top hand corner of your gmail dashboard you will see Google apps when you hoover your computer mouse. Click on where it says photo and then a new window opens up. Here, you drag and drop bunch of images of your choice straight from your desktop or either way, you can upload images by clicking the upload arrow seen above from the top left. You can import all your favorite photos or videos here to store them directly from your desktop for many good reasons too. Its always better to store them here as many as you can in order to reuse any time for Google allows you up to 16 GB free space. For more you can always upgrade later.

To animate your photos, click by choosing the photos you have uploaded within the folder and then hoover over to the top left and click create animation. Click okay and google creates your stealth images into animation image file within a couple of seconds. Isn’t that fun? Yeah..Of course its pretty! Then your can use, reuse or share to your social media followers or, download for other preferences.
Google also creates a animation URL for you to copy and paste it into any other applications of your choice or notes.

Its always better to create your own under your own label instead of using someone’s gif.
Depending on what ever gif maker application you may want to start with, always know that google photo is the best place to go when it comes to quality photo editing and animation for free.


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