This Is A Easy Read Step By Step Tutorial Formatted For Beginners Or Non Tech Savvy To Build Their Web sites Using WordPress. 

Four (4) things you will need in order to create a simple – brand new web site.   In This Tutorial I Will Guide You Using HostGator Web Hosting Platform.

1. Domain Name
2. Hosting
3. Install WordPress
4. Design your web site

Lets Begin

 Search HostGator
In your computer go to the internet – google search and type in “HostGator Web Hosting” or click here HostGator Web Hosting. You will see a new window with 3 different plan like the one shown below.  


I recommend ‘Hatchling Plan‘ because we are learning the process. No need to worry about the other plans because you will still know the process later . What’s important now is to get you online to manage your website by building it in your own simply by following this tutorial. When you click the Hatchling plan it will open up a HostGator Order Form. You will notice that there are 6 sections starting from Enter your Domain to the last section (Review Order Details). Fill in the required fields marked. 

hostgator-1-cent-hosting-deal-coupon-discount[1]I have actually break it down for you – for the order form shown above.

Section 1: Choose a Domain
Enter your business website address (a domain name) or enter what ever name you’ve prepared to be seeing on your web site. The computer searches what ever name you write in the space bar – so all you have to do is to enter the name where it says ” enter your domain”.
If a domain name (your business web site address) isn’t available you will be notified “taken or unavailable”. If it isn’t available you will choose other names of your choice in order to get a domain name.
Section Two: Choosing a Hosting
I usually go for a month’s hosting plan because its cheaper-you can go yearly or up to 3 years if you can. Cost can be high but you will be given good discount by HostGator for a longer periods. A month’s Hosting plan usually cost around $13 -$25 so its all up to you to decide how long you want to go for.
Then enter your username and Security pin number (any number in between 4 to 8 characters)

Section three: Your building info
This is where you fill in your full details-your email address-name-your street address-province/state-country-city-zip code and your payment details as shown.

⇒ Acceptable payment method must be credit card or PayPal for HostGator and all other services online. If you are in a developing country with no credit card or PayPal link to you bank account- you will need to apply one with your local bank.

If you do not have a email account you must also create one with google or yahoo etc. Its free just like the Face Book account set up you know of but if you need assistance hit the sign up button below.

Section Four
 As a beginner I guess it’s not necessarily important for you to add on additional services. You are only here for domain and hosting to get you online, therefore uncheck the field marked by the small green check mark as shown. By default the field (small box on the left) are usually checked (ticked) so uncheck them to have less add on costs.

Section 5: Coupon Code
You don’t need to worry about this unless you have Coupon code properly given by someone (internet marketer) to get discounts. Simply ignore and procced to the last section ( section 6)

Section 6 . Review Order Details
Well this is it – the final section. Finally click the check box to agree to the terms of service. If you are happy with the payment summary then proceed to Checkout and you are all good to go. But if your final payment amount seems to have increased you will have to cross-check your domain plan – hosting plan and your Additional services (section 4) which are usually checked by default. When you finish hit the checkout button to complete your payment process.
You will receive a on screen payment confirmation and HostGator sends a email confirmation to your email address.

Note: In your email inbox you will receive a email confirmation of your Domain and Hosting details as shown below. You must save the details some where in order to use it later because you will need it to proceed on.


So now we are done with HostGator. We can exist out (close the HostGator) window to go and check the email.
In your email inbox you will see (as above), details of your domain name – hosting, user name and password send by HostGator. Next, click where it says Control Panel link seeing highlighted in blue. Click the link and will open a new HostGator c-Panel login window shown below. 

Image result for hostgator cpanel login images


Enter you user name and password or copy and paste in the space provided as shown above. Then login, it will open a c-Panel like the one seen below – that is it.


Now Its Time to install WordPress

Now before we proceed on to install WordPress, lets cross check what we have accomplished so far from the four (4) things in order to get a web site.
1. Domain name = Done
2. Hosting = Done
3. WordPress = Not done
4. Design your web site or blog = Not Done

Since we have completed item 1 and 2 – lets install WordPress.

3. Install WordPress

If you don’t know what a WordPress is, think of it as a MS word program with additional stage of art designs and features (themes and plugins) which you are going to love it. In other words it is a Content Management System-everything you can think of is all in one place. I will be talking more on Themes and Plugins in the upcoming tutorial but for now let’s proceed on.

So let’s begin installing WordPress. Follow the instruction as we walk through. I repeat, PLEASE follow the instruction as outlined carefully -to AVOID countless troubles because we are non tech savvy and are building a live web page in our own using Hosting Service Platform inside the cPanel. Don’t get scared or be naïve because you can’t break or abuse anything. All I am saying is if you don’t follow the instructions carefully you will get into a lot of complications and of course difficulties. Because this functions are only done by Web site designers.


In the control panel (c-Panel) click WordPress installer or Get Started With WordPress Today or, scroll and look for the word ⇒ Software Plus Services and click ⇒ Quick install. Then scroll down to find ⇒ WordPress and click.

A New Window opens as shown below. Write down your domain name in the drop down menu pointed by the arrow 1 on the left.


If you find it hard, this is what it means.
1. Domain for Installation is your web site address and by default it should already be written. If it isn’t written in a space provided you have to write it down.
2. Leave the field marked ‘directory’ blank or touch nothing.
3. Click Next to continue.

Fill in your details in the form provided.
⦁ Blog title = Write your web site address name or your domain.
⦁ Your user name = what ever user name you want to use on WordPress log in.
⦁ First and Last name
⦁ Your email address

Then check (tick) the two small box provided to agree with the terms and conditions. Once you have ticked the boxes click install now. Now it will start installing your WordPress site. When it reads installation complete ⇒ means you have done it well.

Now you will have your domain name (site address), user name and password on screen display by WordPress.
To confirm under the installation details on your WordPress confirmation on the right click your website link. You will seen a site opening reading ‘Website coming soon’ with your web site address written on the top left. Now where it says Admin Login click and a WordPress login page appears on your screen as shown below. Enter your user name and password or copy and paste and then login.


Note: WordPress also sends you your login details on your email. If you loss access to it you can check your email inbox to login by clicking the link provided.
Now you will see that the password will be a bit long and funky – hard to remember let’s say. Log in into your dash board and click Users and your profile and change the password as below.


But if your site doesn’t appear or showing up, you will have to wait at least three hours for WordPress to finish the process.
When you want to login again use your user name and password. It’s more wiser for you to google search WordPress Login and to start using your user name and password.

4. Finally-Design Your Website

Let’s cross-check what we have done so for. As said Four (4) things you need in order to create a simple- brand new Website.

1. Domain Name = DONE
2. Hosting = DONE
3. Install WordPress = DONE
4. Design your web site or blog =  NOT DONE  so now let’s begin designing your web site. Any way you already have a website.
Congratulations. Welcome to the online World!

How to create your website using WordPress- Guide for Beginner

⇒ (Continued-Part 2 )




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