Are you wondering how to start a blog? Or maybe you have questions about it. You don’t need to be tech savvy to create one. It’s easier and faster than you think. Follow the simple steps below to start your own blog. A must read 2018 content management platform tutorial.

1.Decide what to blog about

Decide what to blog about or the purpose of the blog and a blogging platform. If you are a new comer welcome. For those who have started up a business or a facebook or twitter account with on going activities you are all set.

2. Find a host.

Finding a host in simple term means finding a program that will assist you in publishing what you prepare at home or office in relation to activities such as your story writing, marketing ads, sharing images, your blog posts or your business activities which you feel like to share but don’t have the platform to share to the public. The hosts plays these role in assisting people to publish their contents for public viewing (world wide web).In other words you are building your website. No need to worry because I will guide you through with no steps skipped as you read on.

What is a host? The hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web 24 hours a day. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

There are many out there but the most commons ones with good 24 hour service helpline is Godaddy or Hostgator because that’s what I recommend. They have good pricing as well as customer service reputation in most cases. Take sometime to click the links below to check it out for yourselves. It will take you directly to their websites instead of you doing the searching on google.

1. HostGator 




 Take some time to go through their functions and train yourself to familiarizes with their functions – because that’s where all the fun and entertainment in real life is instead of your usual social media staff. The pricing  are reasonable but always check to make sure you are doing the right thing before making a attempt.

3. Pick a domain name.

A domain is simply your web address in other words your business name or a name you prepared to be viewed by the public when people login in to see (browse) your site. It is usually written; eg.www.yourbusinessname.com. To break it down; lets say a name you choose, My Photography Shop. When you enter the name the “My Photography Shop” the host will read it as ..www.myphotographyshop.com. To know more about domain read the other tutorial I posted by clicking here.

If you need more information about domain names ⇒ refer to the free e-book below

Here’s another example. When I first login into Hostgator I clicked ⇒ web hosting and their service plan showed up on the screen with three different plans. Well they always have three plans to choose from anyway.

1. Hatchling plan      2. Baby plan   &     3. Business plan.

I selected ⇒ Hatchling plan and then clicked the ⇒ sign up now button and was asked to ⇒ choose a domain name and I entered Sales To PNG in the space bar. Was available and I paid only $13 to get a domain name. I got this price by going through the price list by unchecking some of the associated packages to get the lowest price from Hostgator. Because domain name is the only item I went for apart from any other sales or additional service stuff they had on their marketing list such as Domain privacy protection or Increase your search engine visibility or Site Backups etc..

I entered Sales To PNG as my domain name in the search bar and was available so bought it and was registered as….www.salestopng.com (now converted to ⇒ https://salestopng.blog…….That is how you pick a domain name when you go inside Hostgator or Godaddy hosting services. You just type in the name you like and hosting will automatically identify your domain address in such a manner if its available. If it isn’t available you will have to choose other name of your choice in like manner or something of a similar interest.

Click here for more tutorial.

When you have picked a domain name provided by the hosts they will prompt you to pay a fee of no more $25.00. Pay up by agreeing to their terms and conditions and you are all set.
That’s the only amount you will need to spend instead of spending thousands of dollars to website developers to get you to a platform such as wordpress.
Godaddy or Hostgator displays a on screen payment notification and sends you a email confirmation in your email inbox about your domain registration, your user name and password.
You must save your user name and password or write it down somewhere because you will need it when you want to connect to the main control panel to install any programs such as wordpress.

4.Get started with WordPress to design your blog.

WordPress is like Microsoft word program where you can edit, delete and save as well as upload contents to share in any platforms such as the social media. In other words it is a content management system…a must have platform for small business or start up affiliate marketers, medium to bigger businesses and multinational organizations and much more. This service is only available through hosting platforms such as the ones we talked about like Godaddy or Hostgator.

How to install a WordPress

When you finish paying the hosting fees for the domain name they will send you a email confirmation and the receipts. In the email confirmation they will also provide your user name and password, you will then log in by entering your user name and password to install wordpress in their main control panel.

Example if your domain is registered by Godaddy or Hostgator or other hosting service providers, they will send you link via your email. A link is a connection that connects you to the control panel where you can install WordPress or any other apps of your choice. You will use that link to enter your user name (email address) and your password to log in into the Control panel. Inside the ⇒ control Panel scroll and look for the word ⇒ Software plus services enter or click ⇒ Quick install. Then scroll down to find ⇒ wordpress and hit
⇒ install WordPress. After installing you must wait at least ⇒ three or four hours before you start writing ,editing ,designing on your new webpage on WordPress platform.
WordPress is easy to use by anyone who can read and write or speak English…as simple as that unless you are designing websites for businesses as a paid program. Then you need to be more tech savvy on this one.


 Learn more on how to install and design a WordPress web site or a blog  





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