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Our Services history 

Started 10 months ago with ongoing marketing campaign via Social Media Marketing. Platforms used and now,upgrading to core business principals via elements of social media integrations and facilitated programs-Creation of traffic via the main site and WordPress Content Management System including previous data analysis as shown.



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Main site

Sales To PNG

The Main site(Sales To PNG) have been progressing well having email marketing campaigns built in-Affiliate programs for retail  and on online marketing-coaching and other internet marketing techniques such as influencer,blogging and Social Media Content management system.

Blogging and Influencer or Coaching Programs

Content management and blogging tutorial still on going.As of March 2018 new procedures or protocols have been applied to influence Social Media Marketing and Web Hosting programs to continue progressive marketing campaigns with sign forms built in.Plus YouTube studio being created for short Marketing videos to promote Marketing campaign which will include YouTube and Instagram post sharing for 2018 Social Media Content Management platforms.

Social Media Activities

History of previous activities,post sharing and comments,post views and likes using organic marketing campaign can be seen by clicking the links below for cross references. 

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