Planning Out Your Publishing Strategy

Whether you’re just starting out with content marketing or you’ve been using the same approach for a while, it never hurts to revisit your content strategy plan — to make sure it’s up-to-date, innovative, and strong.

Every blogger needs to keep a healthy supply of ideas and it helps if you plan ahead to ensure you never run out.

Highly paid performers create a content calendar to help them keep track of their ideas to keep themselves on track too.

You can use a simple spreadsheet to plan out your content calendar, from my research; Trello seems fine since it’s free and also makes a good place to dump ideas and organize them.

Thinking about your content mix is also important to get a sense of the scope of your blog and what categories/tags you might use to organize it all as you add more content in the future.

A good Content mix includes:

  • Topical content that tackles current topics and trends your audience cares about or are looking for in the internet.
  • Visual or interactive content at least add some variety to your blog (e.g. infographics, videos, gifs, memes, etc.).
  • Evergreen content that addresses questions/queries/problems that people regularly search out on Google.
  • Curated content that is smaller in scope and requires less time to create to help you pace yourself and keep your audience engaged between longer posts.(picking out the key points instead of upselling and talking too much)
  • Feature pieces about other people or brands who might share it with their audiences (e.g. comments, interviews, reviews, etc.) 

Try to plan out your blog posts at least one month in advance and publish on a consistent schedule so your audience has an idea of how often to expect new content.

Keep in mind that you won’t grow your audience overnight. Hell yah it is or unless you are a celebrity or a movie actor.You’ll have some hits and some misses, at times but in your case you need to keep going to keep growing.

Building Your Audience-Powered Business

However you choose to go about your blog, it’s your audience that ultimately determines its potential as a business. Focus on growing this audience as you publish on a regular basis, and you’ll see your traffic and reach grow as well.You can learn more about blogging better by checking out the following resources on this site:

Blogging isn’t just fun and fulfilling—it’s also one of many paths to entrepreneurship. If you think like an entrepreneur when you start your blog and aim high when it comes to growth, you can build a valuable audience that can help power your business for a long time to come.


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