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You already know how to tie back every posts you summit or share to your followers as a business owner. This is a great way of setting your goals in achieving your Social Media Marketing Plan.

Social media marketing is all about testing and trying things out; and to pay attention to what particular signals our posts brings in. We can even use these signals (which will vary from channel to channel) to define targets for our social media efforts to help us stay on track and motivated.

Some of the goals you should consider for your social media marketing, that you can add to your strategy over time are:

  • Drive brand awareness: Reach more people to increase the likelihood of your brand getting seen by the right people. You can measure this using impressions/reach, likes, shares, mentions, or any other signal that shows a real person has seen your post(s).

  • Create demand for your products: Get people interested in your products with relevant inspiration or education, which you can gauge by clicks to your site, products, or comments/messages from interested customers.
  • Acquire leads: Get your audience to convert into email subscribers, which you can then nurture into sales off of social media for free. This can also mean building an audience of interested shoppers you can retarget with ads.
  • Get sales: These are paying customers that come from your social media efforts and can be measured by number of orders or revenue.
  • Network to form partnerships: Engage with influencers or like-minded brands for influencer marketing or co-marketing campaigns.
  • Build a loyal following: Grow an engaged audience that wants to hear from you; don’t inflate your follower count with fake or bought followers. You want to build an authentic community of people who are interested in your products, and who will promote your content or products to others. You can measure this by followers you’ve added or lost in a certain time frame, or your engagement rate (total engagement divided by number of followers).
  • Establish social proof: Source positive testimonials or content generated by customers/influencers that casts your brand in a positive light and can potentially be used in other marketing efforts.
  • Become a thought leader in your target market: Social media gives you a voice that you can use to not only participate in conversations, but shift them in the direction you think they should go in and build credibility around your products or services.

All of your choices should aim at one or more of these goals, and any ideas and new tactics you plan to test out should be evaluated on their potential to achieve these goals. Some of them may be long-term investments while others are more immediate.

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