Social media marketing is all about testing and trying things out; and to pay attention to what particular signals our posts brings in (as I mentioned earlier in one of the posts). We can even use these signals (which will vary from channel to channel) to define targets for our social media efforts to help us stay on track and stay motivated.

The recurring post types and formats you’ll rely on—makes it easier to think up and produce social  media content while adding a rhythm to your posting schedule to offer your audience both variety and consistency. Otherwise, we’ll wind up scrambling for something to publish every day. Very true in most cases.

Most social media accounts worth following make an implied promise to their audience that they consistently fulfill.

But with us in our content mix, we want to also have ideas we can plan for it in advance, reproduce, and schedule to go out on a regular basis with keen content that can be viewed, liked and shared.

For example, lets say – you might want to feature a customer testimonial every Tuesday and share a quote graphic every Wednesday and Friday. These pieces that are relatively easy to turn around can keep your social media calendar full while you build out more elaborate assets, such as a promotional video or a blog post.


(Sample NEW Year Animation Graphics below)



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The content mix you develop can incorporate:

1.Inspiration: Motivation to use your products or pursue a certain lifestyle, such as quote graphics or photos from around the world. Gifs does amazing jobs in most social media channel. You should consider creating own Gifs using Gif maker app that are available online for free or app Store.

2.Humor that relates to your target audience:Being funny can go long way as I mentioned in one of my blog post. If humor lends itself well to your brand, then by all means make room in your social media marketing for content that elicits a laugh.
If a joke is a hit, then you can consider paying to promote it to reach a larger audience (few things spread better on the internet than laughter)
News:Information about what’s happening in your industry or posts that are based on what’s trending at the moment.Contests and giveaways: A contest or free download in exchange for an email is a great way to promote something of value to both you and your audience other than your products.
3. Product/promotional posts: High quality product shots of your products being used, demo videos, testimonials, or feature explanations can help you achieve your ultimate goal of getting sales. You can often run these as ads after you create them.
4. Education: Share fun stats, tutorials, and facts or how-to posts from your blog or YouTube channel – like what you are reading now is part of that educational post.
5. Customer/influencer features: Shots or videos featuring your customers or the people they follow.
Community events: Share meetups, fundraisers, or learning opportunities, especially if  you’re a local business.
Behind-the-scenes: Share how your product is made or what you’re doing to grow your business to offer some transparency that your audience can relate to. Giving your audience a look into the humans behind your business can go a long a way to create trust or build your personal brand as a founder.
And more: Get creative and try to come up with a content mix that differentiates you from your competitors.

Based on my example of selling leather bags to an audience of female shoppers and church goers, I might start with the following content archetypes, tying each one to different goals until I have a healthy mix:

Share a roundup blog post of top 5 leather bags etc. this Christmas and ask for audience opinions.Christmas is one of those rear occasion increased handbag sales heat up if you are selling handbags (Engagement and creating demand)
Share a cool video from YouTube Featuring product of your choice. (Audience building and engagement).Highlight a specific product feature (Sales) as below.

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Keep in mind that anything you create can potentially be promoted again and again to your audience over time, or on other channels. Re-runs”, especially if a certain post has proven to give your traffic, engagement, or sales a bump,don’t shy away but keep posting. To get you inspired to come up with your own content mix, get some ideas from brands that are doing well on social media.
Social Media Tools, Tips and resources

Even if you’re not a designer or video editor, you can use free tools like ,irfanview, Google drive, Canva (social graphics), Adobe Spark or Lumen5 (videos), Meme Generator and more to produce shareable content.
Always aim: Tie each post in your content mix back to your target audience and one or more of the goals you established. Knowing what to measure will help you evaluate the success of a particular idea and inform your strategy over time.
Curate and create: To avoid becoming overwhelmed creating original content, try to curate and remix content as well. Be sure to tag and credit your original sources and ask for permission if you’re unsure.

Building your presence on more channels than you can maintain.
Each channel you choose is another you have to manage. You need to prioritize what you’ll be focusing on in the beginning based on the target audience you’ve identified and which channels can support your content archetypes and your goals. That starts by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each channel.
Pinterest in most cases can feed you with available resources for sharing instead of you spending time creating one for sharing.There are dozens of social sites.
If there’s a channel you’re interested in, be sure to search on a case study like or a guide on “how to tutorial” blog posts or YouTube videos on each of those channels.

The biggest downside in most cases is that unless you pay to promote your posts, you won’t be able to reach many people, even if they’ve opted in by “liking” your page.
For example, Facebook can be an incredibly powerful way to use social media for advertising. It’s a database of information that you can use to deliver targeted ads to your ideal customers. If you amplify content that’s set up to produce engagement (likes, shares, comments) such as a viral video, you can generally lower the cost of your advertising, so keep that in mind.



Additional tips and resources

Content Marketing

Consider content marketing channels: If you have the time and ability, you can start a blog or a YouTube channel that you can be part of your social media strategy. Content marketing can contribute to your social media programming, and social media can be used to distribute your content marketing and source ideas, photos, and more.

Optimize your profiles: Fill out your social profiles with all the information your customers might want and try to claim the same username on every platform, especially a unique tracking link to your website.


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