What are Plugins?

In WordPress, Plugins are applications that can help you extend WordPress website. Unlike themes, which primarily make style changes, plugins are all about adding new functionality to your WordPress site. That functionality might be something small, like a contact form or a new button, or it might be something massive, like turning your site into an eCommerce store or a social network and much more. This is done by Plugins that help combine unattached applications into one bundle of application to function in a website.
Basically, plugins unlock new features without requiring you to know anything about code. They’re pretty awesome!

WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. One thing good about WordPress is that there’s always are plugin to carryout specific function on a website numbering thousands like I said. Any application you can think of, there’s always a plugin for that in WordPress. Whether you want to do email marketing, link all social media accounts into your website, SEO for first placing on Google listing, e-Commerce and a lot more, you’ve plugins to play a role for that. They makes it easy for users to add features to their website without knowing a single line of code. There are thousands available for free to download at the official WordPress plugin directory.  Aside from free plugins, there are tons of amazing commercial ones available from third-party companies and developers as well.

Why Plugins

Imagine if you are a newbie who wants to design a website and are trying to figure out how you would want the design or layout of your web page to look like with extended features. Taking days trying to come up with desired design is a daunting task with so many things to go through. Believe me, it will take you a lot of time to build one good website that pleases you. And to build a better one without experience is never that easy. But on WordPress Plugins and Themes makes that job easier and guess what, they are already available waiting for you. All you need to do is select a plugin that you like and then click’ Install’.

Plugins and Themes carry the heavy work load that makes it easier for anyone to design a website on WordPress. Simple and straight forward. Register your domain name with the hosting service providers, next install WordPress. And then start installing the themes and plugin to flow in well. Your website will be live and beautiful according to your choice of themes and plugins. Then upload images with your business profile or data inside the required fields within the theme folders and plugins. Just like the way you do on Face Book or similar social media styles.

Similarly, you can do that on WordPress by installing the right themes and and plugins. Done! You will be smiling unbelieving what you’ve just did.

How to Install WordPress Plugins from WordPress.org

As a site administrator, you can install/uninstall plugins from the admin area. You can also download and manually install them using an FTP client.

Here’s how it is done

If you found a free plugin at the official WordPress.org plugin directory, its much easier.
Go to Plugins → Add New
Search for the name of the plugin
Click Install Now


On the next screen, click Activate to make your plugin live. That’s it!

Now you will have noticed that your website is ready and looks more professional with less effort then that would have been without themes and plugins. Themes and Plugins makes website building on WordPress a lot easier. So if you are thinking about creating a beautiful website, WordPress is the great place to go. For the record, WordPress powers up to 29% of all the websites on the internet. That’s a massive number when comparing its competitors, holding dominant position in website building industry. That is WordPress.

When removing Plugins that you no longer need

If you are not happy with the installed plugin,the removal is also straight-forward in most cases. Simply remove the directory for the plugin you would like to uninstall and it will be automatically deactivated. And then you can reinstall the plugin of you next best selection.

Still always bear in mind that not all plugins are easy to install, so always refer to their documentation and installation instructions first.

Pros and Cons of Plugins

Most of the time, plugins play nicely with the core of WordPress and with other plugins, but sometimes a plugin’s code will get in the way of another plugin, causing compatibility issues. With a paid plugin, it’s just nice to know you have support staff that can help you out if anything goes wrong.

Another issue is possibly installing too many plugins. This can lead to a few different issues. For example, plugins from different designers may not interact together well. This can make them less effective or slow down your site.

Plugin tips for startups

⇒ Contact form plugins
⇒ Photo gallery plugins
⇒ Social media plugins
⇒ SEO plugins

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