Last time we talked about different e-commerce sites whom are performing online services and their rankings around the world. If you missed out on the tutorial click here  ⇒ e-commerce sites.

And as said, majority of the people around the world do their shopping on Amazon and eBay. I do my online-shopping and affiliate marketing on these sites. The more you get into it, the better in ROI (Return On Investment) in the future when you start learning how it works. After all, these sites are on apps just like any social media applications like facebook – twitter – instagram etc…you know it. In other words you can even  try out on your smart phones and iphones when resting or travelling on the bus or sleeping or doing your iphone like kind of a thing. Amazon and eBay apps are easy to download and use.

Below is sample amazon landing page displaying it’s features of amazon. For the purpose of this tutorial if you like click the image bellow for better live viewing.

amazon fb tutorial image3 wordpress

Fig 1.2. The above is how amazon’s landing page look like when you get inside amazon.

Below are list of items I collected on amazon (my collection) that you may like. Check to see if you can hawk around by clicking the images below.

If this will be your first time and would want to know more about how to purchase online; follow the other tutorial I posted weeks ago for first time-online shoppers ⇒ How to buy quality cheaper. You can also check and buy anything apart from what’s on display here secure and safe on amazon. The landing page is case sensitive which means any products you click will tell you if shipping or delivery are going to reach your destination or country.



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