After creating so many traffic, you soon come to realize that people are not buying your product, and you might be asking ‘why’, than you are not alone to feel it that way, though.  A reader wrote once and asked, “I don’t understand! I have tons of friends on Facebook, even more following me on Twitter, and a bunch of people on my email list, all of whom love my content. But when I post my product on my Facebook page, Twitter page, or send an email to my list to “Buy this now,” no one listens. If they already like me and trust me, why doesn’t my product sell?”

Why Are People Not Buying Your Product?  

Lets begin. Online Marketing is a massive billion dollar industry full of rich list of people around the world that are doing great businesses. Let me be honest with you, ‘its a over crowded place of business’. With increased investments and competition nowadays had opened up a gateway to majority of the world’s population in Business opportunities in the developed, developing and under developing countries. It is now gaining momentum in personal data consumption creating high competitive culture than that was back in days (lets say 1996 would have been your ideal time if you had just started). Unregistered Numbers (millions upon millions) are flocking in every seconds, minutes or hours finding their time selling various products like the one you are selling using similar programs. So how do you stand out from the crowd in a million or one at least to make a sell?

Before I elaborate further on, let me make another ugly comment as well. Having limited resources and capital funding is another daunting task too, that can stuck us alone the process after all the good work we have done so far. How do we go about combating these obstacles? For these reasons we have to fully investigate what is holding us back from selling a basic product or products that we can continually sell to make money online like those others whom a performing. Wouldn’t it be that difficult? No it isn’t, keep up the good work if you are already here. Now let me give you a clue why I am saying that.

Below are basic steps that are worth reading and researching for, for further information. I’ve gathered those tips to help you pull it off, so that you can continue in your online business.

  1. Staring your own product. Short videos (5 to 10 min videos) are helpful when you are doing your product demonstrations. You got to tell people what your products are all about, made, brand, price, back up service/warranty/return/replacement, user instruction (if its not a e-book) and more you can ever think of. Tell them why you recommend the product and what good it can do for them. Email them and ask if a physical product demonstration may be required. If you are driving traffic but no sales on your online store or business, maybe it is time for you to admit that your product is not appealing enough for your visitors. We are living in an era where YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or CABLE TV network, on mobile alone. To become more attractive for your visitors, you may need to consider promoting your products via video marketing as consumers today are definitely fond of online video.
    • About 64-85% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a product video.
    • If you have a product video, you are more likely to get 73% more customers.
    • Google prioritizes and favors those sites that have product videos.

    I think the above points says it all.

  2. Keyword Research and Audience Targeting pretty much go hand in hand. For a successful Keyword Research and strategy, you need to know who are most likely to buy from you. How you are going to target your marketing strategies will depend on your ideal audience. This is to say that you need to reach the particular audience who will have a need for your products. There are countless ways to segment an audience, and these can be based on –

    • Geographical location
    • Interests
    • Behaviour
    • Demographics. In the days to come, niche advertising is going to change the face of marketing and Audience Targeting is going to be the foundation to lay it on. Remarketing already allows companies to target their offers based on customers’ online behaviour. Customer participation, reviews and feedbacks have become an integral part of all marketing efforts. Hence, identifying your target audience is very critical if you keep on asking yourself “why are people not buying my product“. If your products and your marketing practices are not appealing for a specific target segment, it’s obvious that they’re not going to buy from you.Once you know who is going to buy from you, your next step is to find what they are looking for, because everything begins with the words typed in the search box.


  3. Creating a fan based activity or a celebrity activity that are ideal enough to promote your brand image so that you can build a loyal number of subscribers or social followers. Sooner or later followers will begin to realize that you are good at what you do, because you are constantly posting them into social media for sharing, and then promoting those activities which people like the most.
  4. Product image & Website speed Your product image should be able to sell your products. Hence, high- quality and flawless images are recommended for your products, which will be able to display the attributes of the products clearly. Website Speed is one of the other very important elements for higher sales. Website speed contributes to the usability of a website, as well as the SEO. A slow website will discourage users to carry on and will force them to go to your competition instead. This is the primary reason that it is one of Google’s key search algorithm factors. If you do not want to drive traffic but no sales on your product, then paying attention on website speed will be your ultimate solution.
  5. Educate & advertise: Having good skill level is always better to give it back to the people who don’t know what it is all about by creating ‘how to videos’ and promoting them on your social media channel especially Face Book. Telling them to take part in online activities and teaching them how to go about is the best practice to build your raw audiences. ‘Tell them what you got!’.Having said all of the above, nothing can beat the power of advertising in the modern-day marketing. Then be it Facebook ads, display ads or Instagram marketing – all have a role to play. Facebook Ads ensure that your target audience sees your posts. And from what it seems, paid Facebook advertising is the most immediate way to influence reach.Then of course, there also are some free ways to increase your site conversions and boost sales and some other steps you can take to optimize conversions on your online store. Again, CRO is usually the answer to your question of “why are people not buying from my online store, and proper conversion rate optimization techniques should help you with more sales.
  6. Buying from your followers. Its always better to buy from a friend who follows you online. Confirm that you liked his product and bought one. In a same way he might want to buy from you next time if you are selling what he needs instead of him and you going else buying the same thing.
  7. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)Conversion rate optimization is usually the answer to your question of “why are people not buying from my online businessThere are two stages of CRO, onsite and offsite. Once your eCommerce website starts attracting regular visitors, the next thing you should be focusing on is conversion rate optimization or CRO. Some of the offsite ways in which you could ensure CRO are –
    • Personalized Advertising
    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • A/B testing

    A well implemented CRO strategy means better ROI, cost effectiveness and getting the right customers for your product. Read this article get details on the above points.

    We have covered almost everything about onsite CRO above. But again below are some of the main onsite factors that you could consider in order to increase conversions for your eCommerce or other online businesses.

    • Focus on Product Images
    • Improve Product Descriptions
    • Eliminate Shipping Costs (online shops), if possible
    • Leverage Personalization

    Research the points mentioned above more in details on the internet if you believe that the traffic you’re getting is bringing zero conversions to your online store.

  8. Insecurity. The positive feeling your presentation creates must outweigh the negative feeling they have about giving you their money. For most people money equates to security. For some there may have been a period of lack in their pasts. So, they don’t part with their money easily. Your job is to help them rationalize that they’ll be better off with the benefits of your product than they will be if they hold on to the money.
  9. Indecision. Some people are never master good decision-making skills. They’re so afraid that they just freeze, like deer do in oncoming headlights. Your job is to make them comfortable with the concept that any decision is better than no decision. Keeping themselves in limbo by not making a decision is really a time waster for them (and you).
  10. Procrastination. My definition of procrastination is this:  Living yesterday. Avoiding today, and thus ruining tomorrow. When the benefits of your product are truly good for your buyers, it’s your obligation as a sales professional to help them overcome procrastination and get on with enjoying the benefits.
  11. Money. Either they have it or they don’t. If they don’t, and you can’t help them discover a way to get some, the sale is dead. Top sales pros, though, are experts at helping people get creative about coming up with the money when the product is truly beneficial for them.
  12. Email Marketing. Persuasion is the key through the power of email marketing when applying email marketing strategies the right way.
  13. They were never asked. Say what? Yep. When surveyed after non-sales situations, a very high percentage of buyers ratted you out. They said they were never asked to buy. Hence, my lesson about asking, clearly, concisely and directly for the order, their money, the business — whatever phraseology you use in your field. You must ask!
  14. Fear. Some of the reasons above could all fall into this reason. When people are afraid they are uncomfortable. When they are uncomfortable, they can become confused as to why they’re even talking with you. And, as we cover in blog post I wrote earlier How To Buy Online Quality Cheaper As A First Timer, “a confused mind says no.”

Finally, If you decide to take an action following the rules I have listed here, I believe you’ll no longer ask yourself “why are people not buying my product” and start making sales.


Thank you for reading and please do share if you liked reading this article.

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