Google + is a easy to use social media app with more than 500 million active users today and the number keeps growing as I speak. You can even sell affiliate products, create campaigns, promote products, advertise business websites or more to drive visitors to your site. A simple free platform built on google itself. Further more, below are the list of applications where most social media application like Facebook don’t want you to know about.

1. Google + app is also a social media channel where you can create your personal profile, business profile, upload images, share images and videos and much more.You can create things like:
(a) create posts
(b) +1
(c) create collections
(d) follow other google + profiles and google + pages

2. Allows animation (gif) in your blog post seen as is uploaded especially if you have a favorite gif inserted as a ‘featured image’ on your post like in WordPress blog. Because other social media apps disallow that, instead copies the gif format by reducing the original file size into single PNG or JPEG image. Gifs or videos share on a blog post will not display. E.g. Here is my gif I inserted into blog post as a featured image on WordPress. Then I share and Google + still maintains my original file size (Gif) without reducing as displayed.

Most marketers, bloggers or viewers like to see their videos or gif that are creating hits in their favorite social media channel. And it is better if what is posted from your hard work shared is displayed as the way it is. Wouldn’t it be fun to play a video or gif surrounded by your post if you were writing or up selling something? Of course it would. And Google + maintains that.

3. Any URL you copy and paste inside the message generates a beautiful link back to the original source with featured images.
4. As the name says it all. Its ‘Google and + applications’ available any time for anyone with or without money.
5. There are more than 500 million active users and numbers still growing.

Nowadays social media apps are on the rise so as its data users. Getting started with basic applications can help you stay on track that can place you in a better position at start while learning the process the smartest way. Why? Google + comes in handy right on your computer with other google applications like:

* YouTube (another good one)
* email services (gmail),
* google drive,
* google calendar
* blogger (if you are a blogger)
* google photos (you store photos or to share on any social media applications)
* google drive
* google analytics & google search console
* G suit (office and business stuff) and much more.

All of these applications are provided by google for free for anyone to use and make money online while you may have already started spending thousands of dollars to other so called social media apps or online tools for ads and promotions that are in use today.

In order to access theses applications, first you need to register with google. In fact the most common process people start easily are by registering a Gmail account with Google and the rest comes in as packages.

When you have completed registering your Gmail account, you will have noticed that on the dashboard at the top right hand corner of your Gmail account, you will see Google apps (9 small square boxes white in colour) when you hoover your computer mouse. It clearly labels its functions on that dashboard within your Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account, you are already in business but you don’t know that. The Google + social media icon is also included in those list as you will see. When your click the Google + icon, that’s exactly where you start by creating your brand or account. But if you are using the smart phones, you will need to download the Google + app on the App Store. So as other applications that are mentioned here like YouTube. They come separate all on your smart phones as Apps. These are the basic part of google applications which I am bragging about. Very useful in modern day online-marketing especially if you have limited start up capital to start with. Isn’t it pretty cool to have it handy all in one place? It is.

Most marketers and blogger started this way and have gone all the way up by making money online that are investing into other advanced programs so that they can continually earn in thousands of dollars a day, tens of thousands a week, or more a month. So if you are spending money on campaigns, advertisements or sort of like trying out to get yourself into ‘ first page on google’ in creating traffics, you’ve come to the right place. As the name says it all. ‘Its Google and + applications’ available any time for free for anyone with or without money.
Bare also in mind that you can even do better in your website traffics or business promotion when you start seeing that you are already on google listing. Those are some of the reasons ‘ why you need to use google +’.

Thanks for reading.

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